Why Become a Member

One of the greatest values of the International Poultry Council is the network that is formed among our members. IPC meetings are a unique opportunity to meet leaders of the poultry industry and discuss the issues and opportunities of this dynamic sector.

As a member of the IPC you will be able to participate in the IPC Conferences and IPC Working Groups. These are valuable opportunities for industry leaders to propose policy changes, discuss how to address issues of concern, promote the consumption of poultry meat in a sustainable way.

IPC Meetings
IPC holds two conferences per year. At each conference, for two to three days, leaders of national and regional associations and top officers from companies in the poultry production chain gather to discuss topics that are important to the future growth and prosperity of the poultry industry. Speakers from various countries, companies and international organizations are invited to convey the latest information to IPC members.