IPC Second Semester Conference 2019

August 27, 2019 – August 30, 2019

Conference Program

August 27 (Tuesday)

16h00 - 18h00

Marketing and Communications WG (Renaissance Hotel)

Prior enrollment is necessary

14h00 - 15h45

Processing and Food Safety WG (Renaissance Hotel)

Prior enrollment is necessary

August 28 (Wednesday)

09h00 - 11h00

Animal Health and Welfare WG (Holiday Inn Hotel)

Prior enrollment is necessary
Bus will depart to the Holiday Inn at 8:00 am

11h00 - 13h00

Environment and Sustainability WG (Holiday Inn Hotel)

Prior enrollment is necessary

14h00 - 18h00

Executive Committee meeting (Holiday Inn Hotel)

Executive Committee members only

19h30 - 20h30

Welcome Reception

Renaissance Hotel

August 29 (Thursday)

09h00 - 09h30

General Session

Opening remarks - Robin Horel, President of IPC

09h30 - 10h15

The importance of the Sustainable Development Goals for the livestock sector performance

Justin Sherrard, Rabobank

10h15 - 11h15

Panel Discussion: How to Advance Sustainable Management in the Poultry Meat Sector

André Nassar (ABIOVE), Badi Besbes (FAO), Daniel Boer (McDonald's), WWF (TBC). Moderator: Justin Sherrard

11h15 - 11h45

Coffee break

11h45 - 12h30

The Role of International Trade in Promoting Sustainable Development

Rodrigo Lima, Agroicone

12h30 - 12h45

Declaration of São Paulo Signing Ceremony

IPC Commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

12h45 - 14h00


14h00 - 14h30

Country Report - Brazil

Ricardo Santin, ABPA

14h30 - 15h15

The Brazilian Poultry Meat Market

Grazielle Parenti, BRF

15h45 - 16h15

IPC activities report

Dennis Erpelding, Science Advisor
Marilia Rangel Campos, Secretary General
Peter Bradnock, Policy Advisor

15h15 - 15h45

Coffee break

16h15 - 17h00

Adoption of IPC Food Safety Position Statement

19h30 - 23h30

President's Dinner

Espaço 011 - Rua Alvorada, 1035
(Transportation to be provided by the IPC departing from the Renaissance hotel)

August 30 (Friday)

09h00 - 09h15

General Session

Welcome back

09h15 - 10h00

Changing Demographics and the Implications to Poultry Export Competitiveness

Will Sawyer, CoBank

10h00 - 10h45

The Consumer of Tomorrow - What Should we be Aware of?

Antonio Coto Gutierrez, Independent Advisor

10h45 - 11h15

Coffee break

11h15 - 11h45

Consumer Attitudes to Sustainable Chicken

Julie Harper, McDonald's Corporation

11h45 - 12h15

Adoption of the Animal Welfare Position Statement

12h15 - 13h00

Business Session

13h00 - 14h00